Recycling the Right Way in Little Rock, AR

Here’s an article I found on recycling in Little Rock.  You don’t want to just chunk everything in the bin or in your waste container.   Recycling in LR

Recycling in Oklahoma City

I found this story from the USA Today: If you are recycling in Oklahoma City, you are probably doing it wrong. That is why a worker lunged to grab a garden hose off the conveyor belt at a Waste Management recycling facility here Wednesday before it got caught in a giant sorting machine. Such tangles frequently require the […]

Landfills Using Landfill Gas

Here’s a cool article I found.  It talks about how landfill owners are using the gas produced by the decomposition of the waste and garbage to power their trucks and other equipment.  It’s cheaper than diesel and burns cleaner.  Ingenious idea! Check it out here